Downtown Fargo Poster Art

Consider this a small folder dump… some things I’ve done that have been accumulating on my hard drive.

I like to snap photographs in downtown Fargo and then turn them into posterized, pop-art-type things. Make sure you click ’em to see ’em full-size.

Bank of the West

The Powers Hotel — “400 in Crimson”

The Pioneer Life building. — “Waitin’ for the Bus”

The former NP Avenue Railroad bridge in Moorhead, now gone.

What began as a panorama photo of the Quentin BUrdick Federal Courthouse in downtown Fargo ended up as a piece of propaganda art. — “Free Leonard”

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One thought on “Downtown Fargo Poster Art

  1. Thanks for a blend of history and “poster art” which is delightful to see. Now the “free Leonard” who is Leonard?

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